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Southtowns Vape, LLC

We are a family/women owned and operated business located at 3900 Southwestern Boulevard, Suite 2, Orchard Park, New York, 14127. Our mission is to sell high quality, BRAND name products at reasonable prices and provide the best customer service in the industry.

Southtowns Vape, LLC was founded by Donna Menz in December of 2012. As the Owner and also a client, I tried my first personal Vaping device in 2011. As soon as I picked up my first mod, I never picked up another analog cigarette again. It was so successful that I also encouraged my two sisters to try it as well, in an effort to get them to quit smoking. While I was visiting my family in Florida, we decided to go to a local Vape Shop and get my sister a mod. She purchased one, and again, she has not picked up a cigarette since. Seeing how successful it was for the second time, we decided to get our other sister, who had been heavily smoking for 45 years, to try one. It was JUST as successful. Now, we are all reformed smokers who LOVE to Vape!

Seeing that I lost my career in Corporate America in 2011, I was looking to start up a new retail business. The day we were at that shop in Florida was the day that I decided we needed something like this in the Southtowns area in Western New York. When I returned home, I began my research and realized that there was definitely a need for a Vape Shop in the Southtowns area. Coming from a family of business owners; I decided it was time to try a business of my own, with the main goal being the ability to help other individuals to kick the habit.  Therefore, Southtowns Vape, LLC was born.

It is an incredible smoking alternative because it has a high success rate, is half the cost of regular cigarettes, has no tar, no smoke, and none of the other thousands of chemicals being ingested by regular analog cigarettes.

Update (June 2014):  It has been a year and a half since we opened Southtowns Vape, and I am glad to report business is doing well and growing.  Thanks of course to ALL our LOYAL customers.  I cannot thank you enough for your friendships and business.


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